You can add the Professional Toolkit to your IC Precheck Certification service at any time after certification. Please allow up to 3 business days to prepare your custom documents for use and to schedule your Professional Toolkit training session.

IC Precheck Professional Toolkit

Who is the Professional Toolkit designed for?

We developed this optional, premium add-on service for the following situations that may apply to you: 

  • You are required by a client to have a formal corporate agency serve as a risk management or administrative intermediary for the engagement with that client;

  • You enter 5 or more unique client engagements each year and you want the administrative and risk management support to make your business run more efficiently and to consolidate all of your invoicing, reporting and tax reporting into a single record vs many;

  • You want to take advantage of our Same Day Pay for ICs payment feature and bypass those long client payment terms of 15/30/45/60 days or more. The day your invoice is approved, your pay is immediately made available to you.

What are the benefits of the Professional Toolkit?

The Professional Toolkit add-on to the IC Precheck Certification consists of our contractor-based agency of record service that supports you as follows:

Your Agency  We are your on-demand agency and we actually work for you. Use “Your Agency” when your client company prefers or requires an agency intermediary service. Engage directly (without Your Agency) when your client can easily do so. When you do use Your Agency you only pay a small percentage of your bill rate / fees. If you don’t use Your Agency then you don’t pay. 

Administrative Support  As Your Agency, we support the administrative needs of all your engagements: contract development support; online invoice generation, submittal and approval tracking (online for you and your client); Same Day Pay for approved invoices; segmented tax reporting and filing (although we are not your tax advisors or CPAs); dispute resolution – we talk to the client when there is a discrepancy you want us to handle; contract amendments, extensions and early terminations. 

On-Demand When you sign up for the IC Precheck Professional Toolkit, we prepare a set of custom contract addendums for you to attach to your contracts with clients. On-demand means you use (and pay) for Your Agency only when you choose to use it.

Unilateral Coverage Your Agency is a unilateral extension of risk management and administrative support services to your clients, underwritten by IC Precheck. All you have to do to engage Your Agency is add the addendums to the contract and price your engagement accordingly.  

Enhanced IC Compliance  Upon review of your scope of work and an understanding of how the engagement will be managed,IC Precheckwill extend to you and your client comprehensive indemnification coverage of the 1099, independent contractor engagement. As an IC that provides your own misclassification indemnification coverage, you will materially differentiate yourself from other freelancers without Your Agency.

Professional Toolkit Training  IC Precheck will provide you all the training and live support you need to fully understand Your Agency and how to put it to work for you.