Preferred Client Organization Request

Becoming an IC Precheck Preferred Client Organization or PCO requires registration of basic information via this request form. There are no contracts to be signed and no fees required to receive the benefits of the PCO service. Upon approval of your request you will be sent a welcome email with a listing of PCO benefits and easy instructions on how to search our database and receive IC Compliance & Due Diligence Packages for our certified freelance contractors.

PCO Benefits

The following benefits are offered unilaterally by IC Precheck to PCOs

  • Search for or verify the status of IC Precheck Certified Contractors (a right contractors grant IC Precheck upon certification);

  • Easy, online Client-Directed Certification Requests to send to freelancers you want to become IC Precheck Certified;

  • Online access to contractor IC Compliance & Due Diligence Package; and

  • Receive alerts about changes in contractor status

    • Certification obtained

    • Certification expired

    • Expiry of other due diligence documents

    • Contractor address change to a new state (personal and business)

    • Other contractor changes that may impact independent contractor classification

  • Rights to use IC Precheck logo and badging in recruiting and sourcing activities.

Additionally, PCOs may add custom requirements to IC Precheck Certification requirements for their own unique organizational needs

  • Only applicable to the requesting PCO,

  • Must be reviewed and approved by IC Precheck Certification Committee, and

  • Core IC Precheck Certification requirements cannot be deleted nor altered.

1. Requestor's Name *
1. Requestor's Name
4. Intended Use *
If this intended use changes, you agree to notify IC Precheck.
5. Terms of Use *
You must agree to the following terms of use of the PCO serivce: 1. All of the information on this request form is accurate and provided by you (the Requestor named above) voluntarily. 2. I accept the declaration of PCO benefits and rules stated in this request form. 3. I agree to follow instructions for requesting and receiving PCO benefits.