"Making the Market for Independent Contractors Safe, Reliable and More Efficient for All Parties"

Our Story

Hi, Ken and Michael here. We developed IC Precheck because of our own personal experiences as independent consultants. Our clients subjected us to varying criteria and documentation requirements to prove to them our business status and qualifications as independent contractors. Even then, some clients still tried to engage us as W2 contractors to be payrolled. The screening and onboarding process took too long and it was laborious, highly inconsistent and subjective. We thought to ourselves there must be a better way. What if there was a recognized standard for companies to engage and onboard independent contractors? And what if that standard also met our needs as freelancers for control and independence?

Thus, IC Precheck was born.

With our IC Compliance knowledge and years of experience dealing with contracts and regulations, along with our legal team and industry experts, of course, we developed a product that keeps the market for independent contractors safe and reliable for all parties. A certification that not only meets IRS and Department of Labor service provider criteria for independent contractor classification, but exceeds the due diligence and vendor management needs of most procurement and HR departments at Fortune 500 companies.

We're always open to hearing your feedback and your success stories, Ken & Michael.

IC Precheck Michael