Training overview


Our philosophy


IC Precheck Certification requires the contractor to be enrolled and actively participating in IC Compliance & Best Practices Training. The training is for the contractor’s benefit, as well as for the benefit of their clients’ organizations. While the training commitment is nominal (less than an hour each quarter and all internet-based self study), the impact on avoiding IC misclassification is great.

Why its required

In an IC Precheck legal study in 2018, it determined that the top 4 triggers of misclassification inquiries and claims from state and federal regulators stemmed from contractor behaviors during and immediately following IC engagements. IC Precheck surveys of client organizations concluded that clients place significant value on freelance contractors who have committed to a training regimen that helps them avoid misclassification.


Awareness Focus

A contractor aware of the risks associated with and the common pitfalls that lead to misclassification inherently becomes an active participant in the misclassification risk management strategy.

Risk Targeted

Well-timed and consistent training messages better ensure that unintentional errors and improper actions by the contractor are avoided at the times they are most likely to occur: during and immediately following IC engagements.

Easy to Comply

Relevant and quick training activities makes active participation easy. Contractors will receive 1-2 training items (articles, blog posts, training materials, video podcasts, recorded interviews) per quarter and 2-3 five question surveys per year. All training materials are delivered and conducted online. Our IC training is built upon exposure and learning, not on testing and scores. In other words, you cannot fail.