"Making the Market for Independent Contractors Safe, Reliable and More Efficient for All Parties"

Certification Process

Independent Contractor Certification Process

What does it take to become IC Precheck certified?

As an independent third party, IC Precheck certifies the following:

  1. You are a real business;
  2. You have documented proof of your IC status; and
  3. You are actively engaged in IC compliance training.

What will my IC Precheck certification include?

  1. IC Precheck certificate issued in your name;
  2. License to use the IC Precheck™ seal on your resume and digital profiles;
  3. IC Due Diligence Package delivered to an unlimited number of your prospects and clients on your behalf and only at your direction;
  4. IC Compliance and Best Practices training and support;
  5. Access to IC Precheck channel partner networks for new work opportunities; and
  6. Money Back guarantee if you don't obtain certification.

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  • $299 Initial Certification
  • $199 Annual Re-certification

Independent Contractor Endorsement

“As more and more companies start bringing in contractors and consultants to fulfill their sourcing needs, IC Precheck helps set me apart from the competition.”

Chris Lemnah, Principal Consultant.
IC Precheck Certified January 2018

Independent Contractor Endorsement

“Everything IC Precheck takes you through; the education and the documentation requirements are all the things you need to protect your business.”

Kanita H. Brown, Managing Partner
KH Brown Solutions. IC Precheck Certified April 2018

Independent Contractor Endorsement

“What I love about IC Precheck is that you made it so easy to get certified.”

Kelly Swanson Speaks, Motivational Speaker & Trainer. IC Precheck Certified December 2017

Independent Contractor Endorsement

“The independent contractor compliance training I received from IC Precheck really opened my eyes. I always thought misclassification was a risk only to my clients, but now I know it is a risk we both share!”

John Geis, Owner at G3 Consulting, LLC.
IC Precheck Certified March 2018