Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t meet the certification requirements?

If your initial application does not meet the certification requirements, we will provide a custom action plan for you to become certified within 30 days. It is then your choice to pursue certification or receive a full refund, no questions asked.

What if I have questions before I make application?

If you have questions about what it takes to become IC Precheck certified, contact us before you start at

Does IC Precheck offer a money back guarantee?

Yes! We call it our “no certification, no pay” guarantee.

What kind of documentation will I be required to provide?

None. We conduct our certification review based solely on information you provide in your application. If we determine that documentation is required to arrive at a final determination of your qualifications, then we will make that request directly to you. Keep in mind, your IC Precheck Certification includes our delivery of your Compliance & Due Diligence Package to your prospects and clients. We will provide your IC Precheck Certificate, Client Protection Guarantee, TIN / EIN Verification and Status Report, and your commitment to delivering or procuring a Certificate of Insurance upon request. This is all documentation that we, IC Precheck, custom produce as an independent third party regarding your qualifications to meet the independent contractor classification criteria. If you want to provide us your form W-9 or Certificate of Insurance to include in the Compliance & Due Diligence Package, then you may do so voluntarily, but it is not required.

Will IC Precheck protect my information and documentation?

Yes! IC Precheck maintains all your information (including any documentation you may provide) in secured folders where only you and IC Precheck have access. IC Precheck does not sell or share your information with any partner or other parties. We only deliver your Compliance & Due Diligence Package when you provide express, written consent for us to do so.