"Making the Market for Independent Contractors Safe, Reliable and More Efficient for All Parties"

Would You Qualify as an IC? Get Ahead of the Game

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You decided to leave the rat race and start your own consulting business.  You hustled and you’ve already got several clients.  Congratulations!  Now, think about the games you play and are really good at, that you often win. Your awesomeness at that game is probably closely correlated to how well you know all the rules, right? Winning at the Independent Contractor “game” is no different. Knowing the rules can be the difference between winning again! or going down in the proverbial flames…

Do you call yourself an “Independent Contractor?”  Did you know there are a lot of rules that you (and your clients) have to follow to be classified as an Independent Contractor in the eyes of the government? Aside from getting business cards, a website and a business bank account, what else is there left to do to becoming a true Independent Contractor?  A lot!  And it can be complicated.

The best way to get ahead of the rest of the players is by becoming compliance-trained and IC savvy. To that end there is a new service specially designed for Independent Contractors and, by extension, their clients. It’s called IC Precheck. Becoming IC Precheck trained and certified puts you ahead of the game by arming you with IC compliance knowledge and understanding that enables you to anticipate your client’s needs to manage misclassification risk. And with our IC Due Diligence Package, you both save time and headaches during the IC evaluation and onboarding process. Differentiating yourself from other players in this way could be just what it takes to win the game. 

Remember, just because your client pays you on a 1099 basis doesn’t make you an IC. (Don’t believe it? Check out this DOL Fact Sheet.) Proper classification involves various balancing tests by the different federal and state auditing agencies (i.e. IRS, DOL, NLRB, etc.) to determine whether a worker is truly operating independently or is being treated as a “cloaked W2 employee.” Talk about rules of the game, the IRS has the “Common Law Rules” that apply behavioral, financial, and relationship tests to determine the degree of control and independence being exercised; the Fair Labor Standards Act rules are based on “economic realities” tests; and to cap it all off, the “Supreme Court has indicated that there is no single rule or test for determining whether an individual is an employee or independent contractor,” according to the DOL.

Again, it’s complicated, which is why we developed IC Precheck. We will educate you on the complexities of worker classification and arm you with tools to establish and sustain your IC status. Displaying the IC Precheck certification seal on your resume and in your online digital profiles will differentiate you from the other candidates, telling prospects and clients that you already know the rules, are safe to engage and are ready to start!  

IC Precheck

Making the market for Independent Contractors safe and reliable for ALL parties. 

Synopsis: “Freelancers and independents have as much to lose from improper Independent Contractor classification as client companies do. Following the various government agency rules and laws can make “winning the game” tough.”

IC Precheck | Dec 30, 2017