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Is it Time to Take That Other Fork in The Road?

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If one of your goals in 2018 is to explore a different career path, you’re in luck.  Now more than ever, there are many options for discovering what fuels your passion and provides future success in a new career choice.

Whether you’re starting over after a position elimination, returning to work after taking time off to care for your family, or still trying to discover what you really want to be when you “grow up”, there is no need to feel like you’re lost without a compass to guide you. 

Currently the U.S. workforce is made up of 36% contingent workers, freelancers and independents and that number is expected to grow close to 50% in coming years. That means a lot of workers are leaving traditional employer-employee jobs. And it’s not just the Millennial generation who are changing careers.  AARP cited in their January/February 2018 Bulletin a recent study shows that 40 percent of people still working at age 62 had changed careers since they turned 55.  And those are more likely to take on freelancing project work.

Are you considering a new path as an independent or freelancer and not sure where to start? 

The first step is to identify how many skills from your previous jobs and your volunteer work are transferable.  Second, turn to your network of contacts, previous peers or managers to ask them whom they recommend you speak with.  Most importantly, become more informed about what you need to do to become properly classified as an Independent Contractor.  Consider becoming IC Precheck certified.

IC Precheck is a trusted guide to help you make a successful transition into independent consulting and freelancing.  https://www.icprecheck.com/get-certified.  Not only will IC Precheck certify that you meet governmental criteria as an Independent Contractor, but you also will receive training to maintain that IC classification during your client engagements.  By taking this step, you will minimize the risk, for yourself and your clients, of being reclassified as a W2 employee and paying back taxes and potential IRS fines.  You will also differentiate your resume and online profiles with the IC Precheck seal displayed (i.e. win more project work). Your future clients will appreciate the fact that IC Precheck automatically provides them with a complete IC Due Diligence & Compliance Package, saving them time and effort to onboard you.

It’s easy to get started.  Contact us today and confidently take the other fork in the road.  https://www.icprecheck.com/


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IC Precheck | Mar 6, 2018