IC Precheck Co-founders Ken Hernandez and Michael Matherly

IC Precheck Co-founders Ken Hernandez and Michael Matherly

About IC Precheck

Hi, Ken and Michael here. We developed IC Precheck because of our own personal experiences as independent consultants. Our past clients subjected us to varying criteria and documentation requirements to prove to them our business status and qualifications as independent contractors. We demonstrated time and again that we did in fact meet the criteria, but to no avail. Due to a lot of our clients’ internal policies or their lack of ability to properly vet and directly engage 1099 contractors (aka Independent Contractors) they would payroll us as W2 contractors delaying the engagement start and actually costing them about 20 percent more. Nobody particularly cared about our preference to be engaged as true independent contractors. Even when clients used a third party compliance provider the screening and onboarding process took too long and it was laborious, highly inconsistent from client to client and seemingly subjective. We thought to ourselves there must be a better way. What if there was a recognized standard for companies and compliance providers to engage and onboard freelancers in the manner the freelancer actually preferred, as independent contractors? What if freelancers could have their Independent Contractor qualifications certified by an independent third party, one who also provided all the screening and onboarding documentation to clients on the freelancer’s behalf??

Thus, IC Precheck was born.

With our legal team’s guidance and active participation, as well as buy-in from freelancers, industry experts and a broad array of practitioners from HR, Procurement and Corporate Compliance, we developed IC Precheck, a contractor-based service that let’s freelancers stay free and independent. At IC Precheck our vision is simple, yet powerful: make the market for independent contractors safe, reliable and more efficient for all parties.

We're always open to hearing your feedback and we love hearing your success stories, so please contact us at any time.

Ken & Michael